Steel Powder, Iron Powder, Grade S1001, $3.50/Lb. Bulk

Steel Powder, Iron Powder, Grade S1001, $3.50/Lb. Bulk


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S1001 is a highly compressible, water-atomized steel powder designed for high density, high strength powder metallurgy and powder forging applications.Due to its superior compressibility, S1001 can be single pressed to 7.2 g/cm3, or repressed to densities up to 7.4 g/cm3. Higher compressibility extends the performance level of P/M parts; Provide enhanced compaction capability; Provides higher strength and higher density.Category: Iron Powder, Metal Powder Bulk Quantities of S1001 are available for pickup at $3.50/ Lb. in 100-Lb and 1000-Lb. sacks Additional Description SIEVE ANALYSIS (ASTM E-11) U.S. mesh Micron wt% +60 MESH +250 Trace -60/+100 Mesh -250/+150 10 -100/+140 Mesh -150/+105 17 -140/+200 Mesh -105/+75 20 -200/+325 Mesh -75/+45 25 -325  -45 28 Chemical Analysis:Carbon: Maximum 0.010% Oxygen: Maximum 0.15% Sulfur: Maximum 0.0140% Manganese : Minimum 0.150% Maximum 0.220%

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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