Rubber Tubing, Amber, Natural, Wide & Thick, per foot

Rubber Tubing, Amber, Natural, Wide & Thick, per foot


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Latex tubing with 5/16 inch (about 8 mm) inner diameter and 3/32 inch (about 2.25 mm) wall thickness for use in laboratory, machinery, agriculture, pharmaceutical, automotive, and medicine. Applications for latex tubing include blood and fluid handling, peristaltic pumps, electrical and thermal insulation, analytical systems, intravenous solutions, and food and beverage handling. Tubing is extensively leached, washed and surface-treated to 99.9% protein-free. Seamless latex tubing which is free of striations lumen for clear passage of liquids and/or gases. The latex tubing’s translucency and uniformity of color provides an unobstructed observation of liquid flow line. It has impressive gripping power which enables the tubing to grip tenaciously to connectors. When you order more than 10 feet you may receive the product in multiple segments. Maximum length of continuous tubing is about 20 feet. The tubing is sterilizable. The latex tubing should last as long as you take care of it. The sun, heat, even extreme cold will shorten its lifespan. Latex tubing materials are natural rubber (Latex), Polyisoprene Rubber. All materials used in tubing meets FDA Title 21 CFR Section 177.2600, Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions. SOLD AND PRICED BY THE FOOT.  PLEASE SEE QUANTITY PRICING FOR DISCOUNTS Minimum order quantity is 4 feet.  Bulk discounts apply to orders of 10-feet and more.

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