Portable UV light (Requires 4 AA Batteries)

Portable UV light (Requires 4 AA Batteries)


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Easy and quick 4-Watt Ultraviolet light for mineralogists and forensic experts. Portable 6″ UV lamp is also one of the most exciting devices for students who are doing an experiment with UV light. This portable light also comes with a white, super bright LED torch that makes it usable as a general-purpose light source. At home you can use it to reveal the hidden stains from pets (urine stains), oils and some bacteria. Can be used to detect counterfeit money, detect fraudulent driver’s licenses, view invisible inks and markings on passports, and find hidden dirt and bacteria around your home. These are among some of uses or ideas that would require a UV light like this. You can also use it to discover fluorescent minerals. Includes a 4 Watt fluorescent tube light. Wave length = ~ 370 nm.

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