Porcelain Mortar & Pestle (Complete set of 3 sizes)

Porcelain Mortar & Pestle (Complete set of 3 sizes)




FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLEComplete set of Mortars and Pestles in 3 popular sizes is a valuable addition to any laboratory or professional kitchen. Use them to grind chemicals or herbs to fine powder or paste as needed. Made of high quality white porcelain material with shiny white glaze and abrasive grinding surfaces. (I use them to grind saffron to fine powder or basil to fine paste and I am amazed how fast they do the job and how easily they are washed to their new condition). This set includes the following: 3′ Mortar and Pestle with  65 mL capacity.  Mortar outside diameter measures 90 mm with a 90 mm pestle length. 4′ Mortar and Pestle with 145 mL capacity.  Mortar outside diameter measures 120 mm with a 130 mm pestle length. 5′ Mortar and Pestle with 400 mL capacity.  Mortar outside diameter measures 150 mm with a 160 mm pestle length. This set is perfect if you need to grind or crush substances of different sizes.  While certain substances do not fit in the smaller 3′ mortar, they will fit nicely in the 4′ or 5′ mortar.  In addition, some substances may be too small in the larger 5′ mortar creating inefficiency and loss. Mortars and pestles are very common in not only laboratories but also kitchens. Chefs use these in grinding ingredients such as herbs, spices, etc. In solid state chemistry, a mortar and pestle is often used to prepare reactants for a solid state synthesis. Mortars and pestles in this set are made of high quality porcelain with beautiful finish.   Each mortar has a pouring lip and is glazed on the outside (except for the bottom surface).  The pestle is also glazed to the grinding surface, with the grinding surface remaining unglazed.  

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