Microscope Slide, Clear Glass, Box of 50 (Wholesale only)

Microscope Slide, Clear Glass, Box of 50 (Wholesale only)


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 Microscope slides made of clear glass with ground edges for added safety. The size of each glass slide is 1 x 3 inches (25.4 x 76.2 millimeters) and the thickness is 1.2 mm. Comes in packs of 50. Slide glasses are separated by dividers made of thin paper. Each box is in a separate vacuum sealed bag. Made by SAIL BRAND, ISO9002 certified. MiniScience is a wholesale distributor of microscope slides and large quantities are ready for immediate shipping.Lead time for orders larger than 1000 boxes is 7 to 60 days. Smaller orders usually ship out the same day or within 3 business days if extensive packaging and logistics are needed. Due to the free shipping service in this website we require a minimum order of 10 packs. If you need less than 10 packs you may order them at MiniScience.com online store.

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