Isopropyl Myristate

Isopropyl Myristate


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Isopropyl myristate is a polar emollient and is used in cosmetic and topical medicinal preparations where good absorption into the skin is desired. Isopropyl myristate is being studied as a skin enhancer. It is also used as a pesticide against head lice which works by dissolving the wax that covers the exoskeleton of head lice, killing them by dehydration. It is used in the same way in flea and tick killing products for pets. It is used to remove bacteria from the oral cavity as the non-aqueous component of the two-phase mouthwash product “Dentyl pH”. Isopropyl myristate is also used as a solvent in perfume materials, and in the removal process of prosthetic make-up. Chemical Formula: CH3(CH2)12CO2CH(CH3)2  Synonyms: Estergel; Isopropyl myristate; Tetradecanoic acid 1-methylethyl ester; Colorless oil; practically odorless;soluble in most organic solvents; insoluble in water. Uses: Cosmetic creams; topical medicinal. Old product code: L053 or LO53   Additional Description CAS # [110-27-0]CH3(CH2)12CO2CH(CH3)2 Combustible; nontoxic.   ATTENTION: THIS IS NOT ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL AND CANNOT BE USED AS HAND SANITIZER. 

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