Glass Beakers, 250mL (Pack of 10)

Glass Beakers, 250mL (Pack of 10)


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Beakers are very important components of a lab.  They are the most used piece of laboratory glassware because of their use in making/mixing solutions.  These beakers can be placed over direct heat to heat up solutions. Thick, slightly flared, beaded top, with a spout designed to have excellent pouring characteristics Heavy borosilicate glass beaker made with uniform walls Durable matte finish marking area for use with an ordinary pencil An easy-to-read white graduated scale is provided for measuring and/or mixing liquid 250 mL capacity: Graduated Interval: 50 to 250 mL, Subdivision: 50 mL, Approx. dimensions: 65 x 96mm (OD x Height)

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