Brain Model, Dissectable in 3 Pieces

Brain Model, Dissectable in 3 Pieces


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Human Brain Model, this plastic replica human brain shows multiple views. Great for hands-on study of brain anatomy. It is delivered on a removable base for easy viewing and display for patients or students. It is unmarked and unpainted.Made of durable and light plastic, it is an excellent visual aid that demonstrates the external features of human brain as a whole, as well as the relations between the components. It is divided medially and one half can be disassembled into two parts. One part is the frontal and parietal lobes, the other part is temporal with occipital lobes attached to half of the brain stem and half of the cerebellum. All of this provides added detail for easier education and explanation to patients. Students may paint and mark the arteries and different parts using any water based or oil based paint such as latex paint, acrylic paint and oil paint.Dissectible into 3 parts. Size: 18.4x14x13.5CM. Includes a free quick reference color chart showing 14 functional areas of the brain, hemispheres, lobes and labeling guide for 16 distinct parts of the brain. Demonstrations:1. Dorsal lateral surface of the cerebral hemisphere.2. Medial and basal surface of cerebral hemisphere. 3. Brain Stem. 4. Cerebellum. Not painted.

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