Tin Metal, Shots, 8 mesh, 227 grams

  • $19.00

Pack of 227 grams (1/2 Lbs) 8 mesh tin shots. These high purity Tin (Sn)pieces may be used in chemistry experiments, metallurgy experiments. Easily melts and can be used for soldering or as a protective layer on other metals. .
Tin shots may be a valuable addition to your collection of metals.

Additional Description

Ordinary tin is a silver-white metal, is malleable, somewhat ductile, and has a highly crystalline structure. Due to the breaking of these crystals, a "tin cry" is heard when a bar is bent. This metal resists corrosion from distilled sea and soft tap water, but can be attacked by strong acids, alkalis, and by acid salts. Tin acts as a catalyst when oxygen is in solution and helps accelerate chemical attack. Tin can be highly polished and is used as a protective coat for other metals in order to prevent corrosion or other chemical action.

Tin has a very low melting point and because of this characteristic it is good for experiments comparing melting points as well as others. This tin shot is perfect for collection or functional use as well.