Sodium Percarbonate >85%

Sodium Percarbonate >85%

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Sodium Percarbonate is a white free flowing granular chemical used in the formulation of laundry products and many other cleaning products. It provides powerful cleaning, bleaching, stain removal capabilities- yet it’s environmentally compatible. Also used as wood deck cleaner when dissolved in water. Registered by EPA for mold and mildew removal. It will break down into water, oxygen, and soda ash. Typical available oxygen = 13.7%. Synonyms: Carbonic acid disodium salt, compd. with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) (2:3); Disodium carbonate, hydrogen peroxide (2:3); disodium carbonate, compound with hydrogen peroxide (2:3)

May not be combined with other chemicals in the same invoice.
Will only be shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground. No AIR or PRIORITY SHIPPING.

Additional Description

CAS # [15630-89-4]C2H6Na4O12
Hazard: Moderately toxic by ingestion, fire risk near organic materials, strong oxidizing agent. Please note: 1 lb containers up to 10 lb containers wil be shipped without any Hazardous Materials charge. You may purchase as many of them as you like without paying a HazMat fee. The 50lb bags are chargeds $20 fee as HazMat fee by UPS.