Dialysis Tubing

Dialysis Tubing

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This dialysis tubing has a diameter of 49 mm. When closed, the strip is 77 mm tall and the length is 10ft. Dialysis Tubing is a semi-permeable membrane created from a natural source of cellulose. It allows passage of particles up to 14,000 molecular weight standards.

Additional Description

Pores in the membrane permit the passage of water, most ions, and small molecules. High molecular weight particles such as starch, polysaccharides, fats and protein are restricted.

Tubing usually comes in rolls and when wet, will open into a cylindrical tube that can be tied off at the ends and can be fitted over a thistle tube for experimentation.  Dialysis Tubing is very useful for a variety of experiments.  Experiments illustrating osmosis and pressure gradients across a membrane use dialysis tubing.