Dial Thermometer (Fahrenheit), Large

Dial Thermometer (Fahrenheit), Large

  • $14.50

This Dial Thermometers is an excellent choice for many applications including food & beverage quality control, general lab use, asphalt/concrete testing, and soil & compost testing. The dial thermometer is great for determining development and agitation times in film processing as well as heating and refrigeration applications, and aqua culture.
Dial Thermometer Large 0 - 220 F
Other Product Codes: TDIAL220FL

Additional Description

  • Range of 0 to 220°F with a 2°F subdivision
  • Recalibration nut
  • Corrosion resistant, stainless steel case & stem
  • Plastic, water tight dial cover
  • Easy to read
  • Tolerance + 1%
  • 1.75 inch face diameter, 8 inch stem length
  • Bimetal design ensures instant and accurate readings
  • Metal clip used for attaching to containers, tanks, etc.

These great thermometers are used most extensively in the food or automotive industries.  Every cook will have one tucked in their pocket.  In fact their value is so important that the FDA and USDA strongly recommend using a food thermometer when cooking meat and poultry to ensure that a temperature sufficient to destroy food borne bacteria, such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli,  is reached. 

A food thermometer helps you:

  • cook food to a safe temperature
  • prevent overcooking and get the best flavor
  • take the guesswork out of cooking

You should use a food thermometer every time you prepare hamburgers, poultry, roasts, chops, egg casseroles, meat loaves, and other combination dishes.