Bronze Powder, Spherical, Dark

Bronze Powder, Spherical, Dark

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Prealloyed high density spherical bronze powder is developed for specialized applications, including flame-spraying, brazing, strip-bearings, metal-bonded grinding wheels and cutting tools, and metal filled plastics for bearings, decorative, conductive, metal injection molding (MIM) and high strength applications.
Bronze powder is also used in resin-bonded friction components, decorative applications (including cold casting), welding and brazing, diamond tooling, surface engineering, steel-backed bearings (bi-metal strip), filters, bronze-filled PTFE for hydraulic seals, etc.

Additional Description

Chemical Composition:


Copper 90%
Tin 10%
Phosphorous 0.07%

Apparent Density: 5 g/cc


+200 MESH 0
-200/+325 0.3
-325 99.7

Particle Shape: Spherical