Zinc Oxide, fine powder, USP

Zinc Oxide, fine powder, USP


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USP grade zinc oxides are of highest quality, specially produced to comply with the requirements of the United States Pharmacopia (USP), the FDA, and the Board of Standards of the Toilet Goods Association. Made from high purity zinc, USP zinc oxide provides a combination of high chemical purity with a range of chemical reactivity, physical properties and optical properties. Ships in bags and boxes from 1 Lb up to 50 Lbs.   Additional Description Typical Analysis: ZnO, % (USP Method) 99 – 100.5 CdO, % 0.0017 Fe2O3, % 0.0024 PbO, % 0.0021 Hg, % 0.0001 As, % 0.0003 Loss at 800ºC, % 1.0 Specific Surface, m2/g 2.7 – 3.9 Mean Surf. Part. Diam., µ 0.27 – 0.40 +325 Mesh Residue, % (wet) 0.0100  

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