Sodium silicate, Solution

Sodium silicate, Solution


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Liquid Sodium Silicate/ Water Glass (+3.22 weight ratio), 40 Baume. Applications: Liquid Sodium Silicate is a multi-purpose product with a variety of applications. A foundry-grade,  ceramic-grade and carton adhesive grade product. It can also be used: As deflocculant to prevent shrinkage of greenware For surface application, to create an instant antique look To solidify and create an instant solid sand mold for metal castings As a sealer for plaster and concrete surfaces As a treatment for wood to make it water-resistant and insect-free As an extraordinarily high-temperature adhesive and bonding agent when applied as a thin layer between surfaces to be bonded Note — Use care when handling liquid sodium silicate, as it has a high alkaline level (11.3 pH). Use gloves and eye protection when handling to prevent the possibility of burns.—————  Also used in Adhesives and Binders,Agriculture, Cements and Construction Materials, Detergent, Drilling, Geotechnical & Mineral Processing, Manufacture of Other Chemicals, Pulp and Paper, Textile, Water Treatment. Approved to be used in “Cash for Clunkers” program to cause engines to seize. Also in cements, textile and lumber processing. Sodium silicate is used, along with magnesium silicate in muffler repair paste.Keyword: waterglass

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