Sodium Silicate, Powder, High alkaline

Sodium Silicate, Powder, High alkaline


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Sodium Silicate (Water Glass) Powder, A fine, white powder, easily dissolved to forms a hazy, colorless colloidal solution. High alkalinity, quickly and easily dissolved in water. The pH of a one-percent solution of SSGD is 11.5 It is commonly used in specialized (non-flammable) coatings and in refractory cements. SSGD is sensitive to moist air and should be stored in tightly closed containers.Other uses include: Adhesives and Binders,Agriculture, Cements and Construction Materials, Detergent Specifications: Wt. Ratio SiO2/Na2O : 2%Na2O 27.0 %SiO2 54.00 %H2O 18.00 Density g/cm3 0.73 Characteristics: Fine white powderCAS# 1344-09-8

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