Scalpel and Blade Set (for Fine Dissections)

Scalpel and Blade Set (for Fine Dissections)


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This scalpel handle and blade set is a perfect combination. They are very high quality and could be used for professional work as well as general laboratory dissections.   The scalpel handle comes in detachable flat form.  These handles are used with replaceable scalpel blades.  They are made of stainless steel and have a slip lock design.  The length of this handle is 130 mm.  This handle, as opposed to our other handle, is used for finer dissections.  The following blades are included along with the handle.  Scalpel Blade No. 10 – Pack of 10 Scalpel Blade No. 11 – Pack of 10 Scalpel Blade No. 12 – Pack of 10 Scalpel Blade No. 15 – Pack of 10   These blades are made of surgical steel, they are sterile and come individually packed in sealed aluminum foil.  Each  type differs in size and curvature. Warning:  This surgical scalpel and blades are to be used and handled by adults.  The blades are very sharp and can cause serious injuries, therefore, they should be handled with great care.  If this is your first time using surgical equipment, consult an experienced surgeon or lab technician on how to install and exchange the scalpel blade

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