Pine Oil 85

Pine Oil 85


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A familiar scent, Pine is one of the most well known and well-used aromas today. This essential oil is 100% pure and contains 85% or more cyclic terpene alcohols. Other Names: Unipine 85, pinus sylvestris extract, fir oil, oil of pine, oleum abietis, terpentinoel, unipine, flotation oil, yarmor pine oil, Aceto De Pino.Properties: It has a strong sterilizing effect and superior ability of deodorization, wetness, clearance and penetration.Uses: Daily life washing agent, disinfectant, germicide, detergent, polishing agent, anti-rust agent, painting solvent and mineral floatation agent.CAS Numbers: 94266-48-5/68917-63-5/8002-09-3UNIPINE 85

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