Paraffin Wax, Candle Wax 5055, 10-Lb Slab

Paraffin Wax, Candle Wax 5055, 10-Lb Slab


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High melt point paraffin wax for hurricanes, tapers, alcove candles, and for one-pour votive making. RecommendationsThis wax is a straight paraffin.Additives are recommended for optimum results.Pouring temperature will vary depending on application 170° to 185° F. Packaging5055 is available in 52 lb. cases – 40 cases per pallet (2,080 lbs.).Slab on pallet (1,896 lbs.). FDA Status5055 is a food grade paraffin that is manufactured in compliance with FDAregulations covered under Title 21, sections 172.886 and 178.3710. Test Description ASTM Method Typical Melting Point °F ASTM D-57 152 Oil Content Mass % ASTM D-721 0.33 Penetration @ 25°C ASTM D-1321 11-18 Color, Saybolt ASTM D-156 +30 U.V. Absorbance ASTM 178.3710 Pass Warehouse location: E32R * Each slab may be up to 10.4 lbs so that a box of 5 slabs is most likely about 52 lbs.

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