Natural Beeswax Filtered Granular, 55- Lb bags, Free shipping.

Natural Beeswax Filtered Granular, 55- Lb bags, Free shipping.


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Natural Beeswax have unique properties that make them an important ingredient of many food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications. We focus on the purity and consistency of beeswax for such applications.NBWAXG3 is our highest quality beeswax for food and cosmetics applications. This product is well filtered to remove all impurities and is converted to small pellets to simplify the process of measuring, blending, melting or other manufacturing steps. The color of NBWAXG3 is naturally light yellow and no colors have been added. Beeswax is F.D.A. approved under Regulations 21 CFR 184.`1973 & CFR 184.1975 C.T.F.A. ListedCAS#: 8012-89-3 Yellow Beeswax Packaged in plastic bags or boxes for wholesale. Free shipping Applications include cosmetics, skin care, hair care, pharmaceuticals, and nutritional applications. Beeswax in formulatingIn anhydrous systems, beeswax thickens and structures oils by forming stable gel networks. The naturally occurring polyesters in beeswax also impart plasticity, creating creamy textures. Beeswax thickens oil-in-water emulsions via internal phase crowding and provides emulsification and stability in water-in-oil systems.

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