Mineral Oil, Light, One Gallon

Mineral Oil, Light, One Gallon


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Mineral Oil, colorless, Viscosity = 13.95 CST at 40C.White mineral oils are among the most versatile petroleum products and are used in a wide variety of applications. Because of their extreme purity, these oils may be employed where less highly refined products would be unsuitable- From pharmaceuticals to cosmetics to food processing. (Free Shipping is available only for orders of $50 or more. Customer pickup is available in Clifton, NJ) Additional Description Grade: NF, USP, FCC, Kosher Can be used in cosmetics & pharmaceuticals, suntan lotions, baby oils, bath oils, as a base for ointments, as a pelletizing aid, and as a drug processing agent. It can also be used in the fibers, plastics and resins as a process aid, a diluent, a pigment dispersant, and textile fiber lubricant. In the food processing area, they can be used as a release agent on grills, bakery pans and dough dividers, cutters, knives, meat packers benches, boards, trays, hooks and other food processing equipment. It can also be used for coatings for fruits and vegetables, defoamer, shell egg spray, a lubricant and rust preventative for food processing machinery.

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