Magnetite, Fe3O4 (Black Iron Oxide 99%)

Magnetite, Fe3O4 (Black Iron Oxide 99%)


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High purity synthetic magnetite fine black powder (2-4 um). Pigment quality.C.I. Pigment black 11; CI 77499 Magnetite power efficiently removes As(III) and As(V) from water.This product is a very fine magnetic powder. >99.9% attracts to magnets. This black iron oxide is a commonly used pigment for art and industrial paints.Used for industrial research and science experiments.CAS# 1309-38-2, CAS# 1317-61-9, CAS# 12227-89-3 EINECS: 235-442-5HS Code: 28211010Magnetite price reduced as of 10/25/2017 Additional Description Chemical Composition:   Typical Spec Magnetite (Fe3O4) >99% >95% Hematite (Fe2O3) 0.5% 0.0 – 4.1% Wuestite (FeO) 0.0% 0.0 – 0.5% Trace Elements 0.6% 0.2 – 1.0%         Estimate Shipping Cost

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