Industrial Stroke Counter

Industrial Stroke Counter


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This modestly priced mechanical stroke counter provides a convenient 5 digit readout of up to 99999. This counter may be mounted on stamping machines, printing machines, packaging machines and any other machine with a turning wheel or moving arm. The spring attached to the mechanical arm prevents excess force on the mechanical arm of the counter. Easy base mounting and manual reset coupled with the long life design make this counter ideal for use on machine tools, vending machines, and main industrial applications. Lever is returned to original position by an internal spring. Units are available in 5-digit configurations. DESCRIPTION: The 1400 series of mechanical counters features small size with high durability and low cost. It has a knob reset that zeros the counter by rotating the knob. This small counter offers high visibility and durability. The drive shaft is on the right side, making it ideal for many applications. Makes one count per ratchet drive of 40º-50° reciprocating type. SPECIFICATIONS: Counts 5 digitsFigure Size 2.4 mm x 5.0 mm Shaft Diameter 3 mm Shaft Position Right side Direction Counter Clockwise Max. Speed 600 counts per minuteOverall size is 65 x 34 x 25 mm. Weight 33 g

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