Gum Rosin, Brazilian pine rosin, 550-Lbs, Free shipping


Gum Rosin, Brazilian pine rosin, 550-Lbs, Free shipping

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Gum Rosin, Brazilian pine rosin, 550-Lbs, Free shipping in USA

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Brazilian pine rosin is natural pine rosin extracted from the pine trees in Brazil and is packaged in 55-lb bags. 550-Lbs consists of 10 bags wrapped on a wooden pallet. This size order can only be shipped by truck. Commercial address required.  (FREE SHIPPING option is only available in the U.S., Excluding rural areas )

Gum rosin is used to make violin rosin, depilatory wax known as hard-wax, baseball rosin bag, and many other products.

Please allow 3 business days for palletizing and shipping.

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The unique physical properties of rosin make it the natural choice for many products and many industries including adhesive, paint, ink, textile, soap and paper industries. In addition to its extensive use in soap making, rosin is largely employed in making varnishes (including fine violin varnishes), sealing-wax and various adhesives. It is also used for preparing shoemakers’ wax, as a flux for soldering metals, for pitching lager beer casks, for rosining the bows of musical instruments and numerous minor purposes. Rosin is also a main ingredient of many healing salves made using traditional recipes.


Learn more about the uses of rosin.


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