Graphite Powder, Natural, Flake, 5 gallons

Graphite Powder, Natural, Flake, 5 gallons


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This graphite powder is an excellent lubricant and offers very good electrical conductivity. This grade of graphite remains a good lubricant in cold temperatures as well as very high temperatures. It can be used to make electrically conductive pastes. Other applications include: Lubrication (cold and hot); Production of Lubricant pastes and Conductive pastes; Art and painting; Electroplating, Foundry. When applied dry, it creates metallic shine in many different surfaces. Other details: Micronized flake natural graphite powder (5 Micron). Packaged in metal pail.  Price is per 5-gallon can. Sold by volume. 100% natural. Apparent Density: ~0.25 g/cc

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