Depilatory Wax

Depilatory Wax


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Depilatory Wax granules designed for stripless waxing. Softens at 140ºF and melts at 144ºF. This wax is also known as hard wax. Additional Description No Strips Needed Leaves No Residue SIZE: 1 Lb. and up DIRECTIONS: Remove lid from container Place into appropriate warming unit Warm wax until it has a peanut butter-like consistency Prior to hair removal use spatula to test temperature by applying wax to inside of wrist Apply a desensitizing solution to numb the area of hair removal surface oils (NOTE: Sensitive skin will benefit from powder application prior to waxing) Using spatula, apply wax thinly and evenly in the direction of hair growth As wax is cooling, press and smooth wax firmly in the direction of hair growth While holding skin taut, lift end of the wax strip Grip strip firmly and pull quickly at a 45 degree angle in the opposite direction of which applied Following hair removal, apply an after wax skin soothing lotion and remove any wax residue NOTE: For best results, stir wax periodically to prolong effectiveness. Sold in 1-pound bags.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 6 × 6 in


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