Bar Magnet, Painted, ALNICO5

Bar Magnet, Painted, ALNICO5


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These bar magnets measure about 1/4″ x 1/2″ x 3″ (72 x 12 x 6 mm). The magnets are made of Aluminum (8%), Nickel (14%), Cobalt (24%), copper (3%) and Iron (51%) which makes for a super strong and high quality magnet. Alnico bar magnets can be used with iron filings to demonstrate magnetic lines of force. The notched end indicates the North Pole of the magnet. These magnets are ideal for science fair project or experiments. Max Energy (BH max):MGOe=5.5 or 43.8 kj/m3Residual Induction Br: 12800 Gauss Coercive Force Hc: 640 Oersteds 

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