Rosin Powder, Synthetic (Grip improving, Flame retardant)

  • $10.00

Synthetic Rosin powder. tasteless, odorless, Chlorinated paraffin resins especially soluble in aromatic and chlorinated solvents.
Used as a grip-improving powderer. Apply to athletes’ hands or soles of basketball shoes for improved traction. Dust on handles of baseball and softball bats for improved grip. Improves grip and prevent slipping of rubber belts (conveyer belts).

Additional Description

MPROSIN have limited or no solubility in lower alcohols, glycols, glycerins, and water. MPROSIN is compatible with most commonly used resins, rubbers, plasticizers, waxes, and drying oils.
Because of their very high active halogen content and low cost, MPROSIN products are finding wide usage as flame retardant additives in coatings, inks, plastics, foams, adhesives, paper and fabrics.
Not regulated as a harzardous material.